In Focus Podcast

Episode 108 

He is a Cape Codder living in self-imposed exile in Mid-Coast Maine…


Welcome, James Murdock to In-Focus Podcast Number 108. Jim is a Swain Graduate and primarily a sculptor.

He is a Cape Codder living in self-imposed exile in Mid-Coast Maine. As he says, “I came here to learn wooden boat building after receiving a BFA from the Swain School of Design in sculpture.”

His talent and love of making “all sorts of things” is evident. According to Jim, “when I produce Art it is always in pursuit of an intriguing form or situation that gives me bliss.

He returned to my Swain roots working in metal and, “searching for that pleasing line.” His recent work, however, is an exquisite series of small oils on linen.

Jim talks with The Artist Index’s host, Ron Fortier, and reveals more of his life, art, and the challenges of being an expatriated Cape Codder. This episode was recorded with Zoom “post-pandemic” in 2022.

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James L. Murdock


Two Fox Farm Drive
PO Box 163
Thomaston, Maine 04962


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