Podcast Episode 155: William C. Kennedy

Welcome, William Collin Kennedy, to In-Focus Podcast Number 155. We first spoke with him on In-Focus Podcast Number 119.  Since then, William has been very busy in his first year as an emerging painter. He is a contemporary artist and graphic designer. He has developed an impressive portfolio with his many years in the design industry.

William Collin Kennedy was born in Washington, DC, where his creativity started at a young age. He simply began drawing any and everything around him. As a self-taught artist, he has been a freelance designer and illustrator for the past 10 years. Most recently, William, in a little over 1 year to be exact, included contemporary painting to his long list of artistic talents and achievements.

Painting is now his main focus. His work focuses on urban culture, with each piece having its specific and personal meaning. He has worked with various artists, including those in fashion and music, all over the world. William has exhibited in London, with solo exhibits in Massachusetts, and will have his first solo exhibit at the Blackbird Gallery in July of 2023.

The Artist Index co-founder and host, Ron Fortier talks to William Kennedy about his background, his passion for art, and his continual rise as an emerging artist. The Artists Index continues using Zoom and occasionally at our studio at the Spectrum Marketing Group in Howland Place in New Bedford.

We accommodate our guests’ schedules and record location/resources preference due to Covid’s continuing presence to allow them to remain in the comfort of their homes or because they don’t live in the South Coast of Massachusetts.

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William Kennedy
Fall River, MA 02721

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