In Focus Podcast

Episode 17 

A self-described simple artist

Milton Brightman

Welcome artist Milton Brightman to In-Focus Podcast Number 17.

Milton is a  self-described simple artist whose paintings are, in his words, “Hopefully meant to comfort those who view them.” Milt’s biography includes a stint in the U. S. Navy and receiving his bachelor’s degree from the once prestigious but now defunct, Swain School of Design.

He says, “My paintings are ideas rendered in paint or ink. First is the idea, then the research, and finally the execution. It is as simple as that.” Milton Brightman, now retired, worked for the State’s Department of Conservation & Recreation for over thirty years. He was the Regional Coordinator for forests, parks, and beaches in Southeastern Massachusetts. 

Listen in on his conversation as The Artist Index’s host, Ron Fortier delves into his background and his contributions to the community, his art, and life!

The whole concept of The Artists Index and the journey we are embarking on are still in the making and very organic. If you would like to be a guest or, have a suggestion, please let us know!


Milton Brightman
75 Clara Street
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02744