Podcast Episode 187: Dave Reis

Welcome back David “Dave” Reis, AKA David Domingo Reis, who was our guest on In-Focus Podcast 154. Dave returns once again and this time it’s as the host of our first-ever podcast series.

Dave Reis spent nearly 26 years as a Jazz radio show host among his many other accomplishments. That’s right, he was one of the original DJs who worked at the former WUSM which became WUMD radio station, 89.3 FM, on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus.

This podcast, Podcast Episode 187, offers a little background into an upcoming and remarkable opportunity to learn about the phenomenal, historic, and impactful jazz community with its deep roots in the Cape Verdian community of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Jazz in the South Coast is still thriving and continues to make history.

Local businessman Neal Weiss, a jazz aficionado, entrepreneur, and the founder of the Fiber Optic Center is underwriting this ten-part jazz podcast series. There is no better host for this series than Dave Reis, a walking, talking jazz encyclopedia and local legend himself. Dave grew up surrounded by and hanging around with many of the jazz greats he will be presenting his new jazz podcast series.

Stay tuned for The Fiber Optic Center’s Jazz Podcast Series with your host Dave Reis, which launches later this month. The Artists Index wants to say thank you in advance of the series launch to the Fiber Optic Center for underwriting this series and helping us to continue our mission.

We have been featuring the makers, creators, and performers of the South Coast’s local arts and culture scene for quite some time, and producing podcast series has been on our list. Neal Weiss is also the sponsor of the Jazz Mural created by Kat Knutsen who has been our guest on Podcast Episode 73, Podcast Episode 131, and Podcast Episode 180. Neal is also the founder of Whaling City Sound, which Dave will tell you all about!

Dave Reis has always wanted to promote Jazz musicians. WUMD signed off around noontime on a Monday in June of 2017 after 42 years of broadcasting. According to a Fall River Herald article, on “May 1, the Federal Communications Commission approved the sale of UMass Dartmouth’s 9,800-watt WUMD (89.3 FM) radio license to Rhode Island Public Radio…”

Jazz was and continues to be Dave’s passion. He grew up in a house with Jazz musicians and taught a class with former Southcoast Learning Network. The Artists Index co-founder and host, Ron Fortier talks to Dave Reis about his new series and lots more.

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Dave Reis
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