In Focus Podcast

Episode 24

Fitz bends his reality with realistic imagery!

Fitzcarmel LaMarre

Welcome Fitzcarmel LaMarre. Fitz, as he’s more commonly known, is a highly creative writer, youth program coordinator, graphic design art director, paint and illustration professional. He also has over twenty years of experience in the entertainment design industry.

Fitzcarmel LaMarre has brought a breath of fresh air to New Bedford’s creative community! As evidenced by his ambicious project – New Deadford, a graphic novel – he is highly organized, with ability to carry a project from conception and research to production and presentation.

Listen in on the conversation as The Artist Index’s host, Ron Fortier, speaks with Fitzcarmel LaMarre and focuses on Fitz’s conceptual honesty and problem-solving skills. Hear the backstory about the plot of New Deadford which place five years into a viral outbreak causing the infected to rise from the Dead – timely?

The whole concept of The Artists Index and the journey we are embarking on are still in the making and very organic. At this critical time in our country’s history, as we are experiencing and attempting to remain safely at home during the Covid 19 Pandemic, we will continue to podcast assisted by Skype.  If you would like to be a guest or, have a suggestion, please let us know!

Fitzcarmel LaMarre
68 Crapo Street, Apt. 2W
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740