In Focus Podcast

Episode 32  

David shares his voyage on The Van Gogh Boat

David Baggarly

Welcome artist David Baggarly to the first installation of a new topical series: THE VAN GOGH BOAT. The concept stems from Rene Riccard, American poet, actor, art critic, painter, and Southcoast native pictured here. In 1981, he penned The Radiant Child about Painter Jean Michell Basquiat which is often referred to as the seminal Artforum article. The following is an excerpt from the article.

Everybody wants to get on the Van Gogh
boat. There’s no trip so horrible that
someone won’t take it. The idea of the
unrecognized genius slaving away in a
garret is a deliciously foolish one. We
must credit the life of Vincent Van Gogh
for really sending this myth into orbit.

How many pictures did he sell? One? He
couldn’t give them away. We are so ashamed
of his life that the rest of art history
will be retribution for Van Gogh’s
neglect. No one wants to be part of a
generation that ignores another Van Gogh.

David is a painter and was previously featured in In-Focus Podcast Number 13. He was born and raised in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Davis Baggarly graduated in 1985 with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland.

David has been a professional artist, and art teacher, since 1985. His work has been exhibited across the United States for over 30 years and is in numerous public and private collections, including MEDITECH Inc. in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Intermittently, throughout his 33 years as a professional, David has taught art, both through organizations and private individuals/groups. David has also a co-founder and participant in two visual artists’ critique groups. UPDATE: David was featured in the September/October 2020 issue of Artscope Magazine.

Listen in on the conversation as The Artist Index’s host, Ron Fortier, speaks with David Baggarly about his experiences on THE VAN GOGH BOAT and focuses the struggle many if not most artists face while building a career and a life.

The whole concept of The Artists Index and the journey we are embarking on are still in the making and very organic. At this critical time in our country’s history, as we are experiencing and attempting to remain safely at home during the Covid 19 Pandemic, we will continue to podcast assisted by Skype.  If you would like to be a guest or, have a suggestion, please let us know!



David Baggarly
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Rene Riccard - Rolling Stone