In Focus Podcast

Episode 6

Helen Granger’s portfolio includes illustration, animation, fine art, website design & development, graphic design, branding, and she’s a painter, as well!

Helen L. Granger

Welcome Helen Granger to In Focus Podcast Number 6. Helen is a multi-talented artist – a visualizer – with a BFA from Hunter College.

Much of her work is an exploration. She records her, “…observations in a way that feels true to my experience and way of seeing the world. All of my work starts from time spent observing; people, animals, all of nature, my own thoughts and feelings.”

Listen in on her conversation as The Artist Index’s host, Ron Fortier, delves into her background and philosophy on art and life!

The whole concept of The Artists Index and the journey we are embarking on are still in the making and very organic. If you would like to be a guest or, have a suggestion, please let us know!


Helen L. Granger, Visualizer


Hatch Street Studios

88 Hatch Street, 306A

New Bedford MA