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From Jazz to Urban to Folk to Painters to LGBTQ+ to Cultures

FEBRUARY 7, 2024

IN-FOCUS ARTICLE: Has Your Business Considered Underwriting?

We’re looking for underwriters! As a nonprofit, The Artists Index continues to search for stories and information about the contemporary as well as the forgotten, undocumented, and unheralded voices of the historical artists who also lived, worked, or were educated here.

The Artists Index provides our listeners and readers with up close and personal conversations with artists, supporters of the arts, and the cultural impresarios of the remarkable creative communities of the South Coast of Massachusetts. We’ve been chronicling our creative community’s local visual, performing, literary, and culinary artists for quite some time. Our podcasts and articles are focused on the creative community of the South Coast’s contemporary and historic artists.

Local businesses that underwrite our In-Focus Podcasts or In-Focus Articles, help us continue our mission to feature the makers, creators, and performers of the South Coast’s local arts and culture scene. Underwriting is a tried and true successful business investment. Please consider lending your underwriting support. Doing so helps us to continually build and extend our agenda to educate, inform, and entertain. It’s an excellent way to build your brand locally, establish a relationship with members of the creative community, and gain greater exposure for your company.

Here are just a few examples of the In-Focus Podcasts we’re planning to launch with the help of businesses like yours! We are also looking for In-Focus Article Column underwriters for similar themes.


    • All That’s Jazz in the South Coast
    • The Voices of South Coast LGBTQ+ Artists
    • South Coast Urban Visual & Performing Arts and Artists
    • The Literary Landscape of the South Coast
    • The Poets of the South Coast
    • Cape Verdean Creative Community Spotlight
    • The Classical Musicians of the South Coast
    • Portuguese Creative Community Spotlight
    • Hispanic Community Creative Community Spotlight
    • What’s Cooking – The South Coast’s Culinary Artists
    • South Coast Photographers – Then and Now Through
    • The Contemporary Visual Artists of the South Coast
    • South Coast Performing Artists on the Small Screen, Big Screen, and Stage
    • Searching for the Lost Artists of the South Coast

What is Underwriting and How Does It Work for Your Business?
Underwriting is a cost-effective alternative to sponsorship or advertising. It’s a great way for your business to connect with our In-Focus Podcast listeners. It is different than sponsorship or advertising because it focuses your marketing by exclusively positioning your services or products. It is an excellent way to brand your business with a specific segment of your community with in-podcast announcements that establish your financial support.

Is Underwriting Affordable?
We work with each underwriting sponsor on an individual basis and give them a choice of podcast programs or column articles from a list of topics and subjects our listeners want to hear about or read. Each podcast series features a minimum of ten episodes with a dedicated podcast host. Your financial commitment is limited to underwriting the series. This makes it easy for your business to watch their budget. Underwritten podcast series episodes and column articles are produced and released monthly.

Is Underwriting a Good Value for My Advertising Dollar?
Yes! There is only one underwriter per In-Focus Podcast Series or In-Focus Column Articles. Your company and slogan are mentioned in the produced introduction and, at the close of each episode and in the article post. In addition, your underwriting support is mentioned in the podcast’s companion blog. (one blog per episode) Your underwriting support is also mentioned on our homepage, and supportive social media posts, and you are invited to be featured in an upcoming promotional about our sponsors.

Need to Know More about The Artists Index?
The Artists Index is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your support as an underwriter is a charitable contribution. Your tax professional should be consulted as to the best benefit of marketing your company with The Artist Index, Inc. As a collaborative community digital archive, we collect, document, and archive our creative community’s contemporary artists and those from as many generations from the past as possible. The grant funding, sponsorship, and donations we receive are used to hire artists and individuals from our creative community as subcontracted podcasters, media specialists editors, researchers, and other documentarians to research, gather, produce, and stories about the history of the contemporary and historical artists of our creative community. To date, Mass Cultural Council grants have allowed us to subcontract seven key positions from podcast hosts to podcast transcribing.

Are You Ready to Begin or Consider Underwriting?
This is an excellent opportunity for you as an individual or for your business! Please help us continue to bookmark artists in the history pages of the South Coast! We also accept tax-deductible donations and offer a broad range of sponsorship programs.

In the meantime, please continue listening, reading the articles, and helping to support our mission of honoring the artists of the South Coast’s creative community. Need more information? Do you have a suggestion or questions? Please contact us today if you or your business is interested in underwriting.

Our gracious sponsors invite you to celebrate the art of life of the creative communities of the South Coast!