Jazz Series Episode 2: Neal Weiss

Welcome to the second of the ten podcast episodes in The South Coast Artists Index Jazz Series hosted by Dave Reis. This first-ever series is underwritten and brought to you by Fiber Optic Center and Whaling City Sound.

Jazz podcast series host Dave Reis spent nearly 26 years as a Jazz radio show host among his many other accomplishments. He was one of the original longtime DJs who worked at the former WUSM which became radio station WUMD, 89.3 FM, on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus.

Dave Reis, AKA David Domingo Reis, was our guest on In-Focus Podcast 154. and In-Focus Podcast 181 and returns once again as the host of our first-ever ten-part jazz podcast series underwritten by the Fiber Optic Center.

There is no better host for this series than Dave Reis, a walking, talking jazz encyclopedia and local legend himself. Dave grew up surrounded by and hanging around with many of the jazz greats he will be presenting his new Jazz Podcast Series.

In Episode Two, Dave Reis speaks with his friend Neal Weiss, a Jazz aficionado, the Jazz Podcast Series Underwriter, and sponsor of the Jazz Mural in the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in downtown New Bedford by Kat Knutsen. Neal Weiss is also the founder of Fiber Optic Center and Whaling City Sound.

This Series is Brought to by:

Fiber Optic Center & Whaling City Sound

We thank them for their support in preserving the memories and legacies of the Jazz musicians of the South Coast.

Whaling City Sound

Whaling City Sound (WCS) releases music CDs, primarily jazz but also classical, folk, rock world and other styles. WCS supports the arts and community with innovative musicianship, impeccable recording quality, and professional packaging for listeners of all types because "life’s too short to not enjoy great music".

Fiber Optic Center

Fiber Optic Center (FOC) was founded in New Bedford, Massachusetts, "the city that lit the world” once home to the whaling industry, whose products lit homes and offices worldwide. FOC continues lighting the world by supporting advancements necessary to supply broadband globally with quality products based on light-centric technologies. FOC is committed to the betterment of its people, community and beyond.