Podcast Episode 142: Sam Babineau

Welcome, Sam Babineau a songwriter and fiddle player. She hails from the South Coast of Massachusetts. Sam enjoys engaging with personal narratives that echo the storytelling found in traditional folk music, blended with a modern zest.

Sam’s introduction to playing Irish music began with her involvement in Irish step dancing at the age of 10. Since then, Sam Babineau has adapted her background in fiddle music to support her songwriting.

The Artists Index Music Podcast Host, Jeff Angeley, talks with Sam Babineau about her music, background, and lots more. This episode was recorded in Jeff’s studio in 2023. The Artists Index also continues using Zoom and our studio at the Spectrum Marketing Group in Howland Place in New Bedford.

We accommodate our guests’ schedules and record location/resources preference due to Covid’s continuing presence to allow them to remain in the comfort of their homes or because they don’t live in the South Coast of Massachusetts.

The whole concept of The Artists Index and our journey is still in the making and very organic. If you would like to be a guest or, have a suggestion, please let us know!

Sam Babineau

Rochester, MA 02770

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