Podcast Episode 178: Beth Ann Gallagher

Welcome Fairhaven native, Beth Ann Gallagher, film buff, historian, and the founder of the film and television blog Spellbound with Beth Ann (2008).  The blog offers, “featured productions and creatives that often come from the silent and classic film eras, but not entirely.”

Beth Ann expanded her coverage to include contemporary film and television in 2020. She is an admitted lifelong film fanatic and TV viewer and attributes it to, “growing up an only child in wintry New England” which, might have made her more susceptible to their lure.

She moved back to her hometown after becoming a mother in midlife. This past summer of 2023 in partnership with the Millicent Library, she founded the classic film club, South Coast Cinemaniacs. Since 2008, Beth Ann has been blogging about classic films on Spellbound with Beth Ann. She is a member of the Classic Movie Blog Association.

Beth Ann was inspired by her Portuguese heritage in 2019 when she co-founded the Luso World Cinema Blogathon, which celebrates the contributions of Lusophones and their descendants to film. Her film writing has appeared in a wide range of publications such as in the Toronto Silent Film Festival programs, Turner Classic MoviesBacklot, Discover Rio Vista Magazine, and the Indicator Series’ Columbia Noir #4 boxed set.

But wait, there’s more! Beth Ann is a former Flywheel Arts Collective booker and a former electronic music events DJ. She was the first woman general manager at the fabled and now defunct WSMU at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she graduated from the University with a BA in English Literature & Writing Communications.

The Artists Index’s cofounder, documentarian, and podcast host, Ron Fortier, talks with Beth Ann Gallagher about her background, passions, and future. The Artists Index uses Zoom to accommodate our guests’ schedules and to allow them to remain in the comfort of their homes, especially those who no longer live on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

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Beth Ann Gallagher
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