Podcast Episode 188: Wendy Goldsmith

Welcome clay artist/potter/ceramicist, Wendy Joy Goldsmith. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she also graduated with a MAT (Masters of Art Education).

Wendy also attended workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Coastal Maine where she studied with Jack Troy and Bernadette Curran. She also has participated in various workshops at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in Truro, Massachusetts.

Wendy Goldsmith was an art teacher at Friends Academy in Dartmouth, Massachusetts for 33 years. Her pottery is mostly hand-built.  She likes experimenting with hand-carved stamps or found objects for printing or impressing texture. Wendy strives to integrate both function and beauty into her work and her inspiration comes from nature and the interpretation from her imagination. 

She has been a creator and made art since childhood. She majored in printmaking in art school but also took ceramics classes and stayed with clay, using printmaking techniques in her process.

Wendy speaks with The Artists Index’s cofounder, documentarian, and podcast host, Ron Fortier, about her art, life, and journey. This episode was recorded with Zoom. The Artists Index uses Zoom to accommodate our guests’ schedules and to allow them to remain in the comfort of their homes, especially those who no longer live on the South Coast of Massachusetts. 

Our home base and recording studio is located at Spectrum Marketing Group in Howland Place in New Bedford.  If you would like to be a guest on The Artists Index or have a suggestion, please let us know!

Wendy Goldsmith
Dartmouth, MA  02748


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