Podcast Episode 190: Phillip J. Mellen & Kat Knutsen – Could Not Have Done It Without You

Welcome Phillip J. Mellen (Podcast Episode 61 and Podcast Episode 53. He studied fine art at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts. Phillip later went to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia in 1999. He graduated in 2003 and returned to Massachusetts in 2006. He became an active member of the South Coast‘s creative community.

Phillip J. Mellen is an active both as a poet, and visual artist. He presently resides in Taunton, Massachusetts where he was from originally. In 2011, Phillip started Ahtcast an independent art podcast. He has interviewed many local, national, and international artists. He also exhibits his artwork locally, nationally, and internationally.

Phillip’s work is in private art collections in the US and internationally. He also has had his published with Anomaly Poetry and has been published in a collaborative art catalog featuring internationally recognized painter, Sabine Tress.

Phillip speaks with The Artists Index’s cofounder, documentarian, and podcast host, Ron Fortier, along with co-collaborator Kat Knutsen (Podcast Episode 73, Podcast Episode 131, and Podcast Episode 180) about Could Not Have Done It Without You, a 14-member collaborative poetry, music, and art project album. This episode was recorded at our home base and recording studio at Spectrum Marketing Group at  Howland Place in New Bedford.

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Phillip J. Mellen

Taunton, Massachusetts 02780

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