Podcast Episode 174: Troy Henriksen

Welcome, Troy Henriksen, a New Bedford native, is a self-taught visual artist, writer, and musician who has been living and working successfully in Paris, France since 1998.

Troy Henriksen is known for his colorful, bold, and optimistic paintings. He has over a thousand collectors and is represented by Galerie W Paris. He has written three books; New Man New Identity (Critéres Editions France), Let’s Get Wasted (Galerie W Editions, Paris), and The Journey Of Johnny Vincent (Beacon Publishing group NYC).

He is also an established songwriter with French Fries Records (Paris) and Universal Music. He performs his music with two groups, The Bowling Team (Rock) and Troy And The Human Condition (Folk) plays guitar and is the lead singer.

As a child, he had two dreams. One was to be a fisherman and the other was to be an artist. As Troy Henriksen says, he lives on the edge; the edge of it all. Here’s an excerpt from The Journey Of Johnny Vincent.

The Artists Index’s all around host, Scott Bishop, talks to Troy Henriksen about his background, and his varied passions. The Artists Index uses Zoom to accommodate our guests’ schedules and to allow them to remain in the comfort of their homes, especially those who no longer live on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

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Troy Henriksen
2 Rue Bervic Paris 75018
Paris, Ile-de-France



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